Friday, October 24, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We had a great (hot) time at the PUMPKIN PATCH this year! I always love our pumpkin patch pictures because they are so colorful and pretty! We all started out in orange, but Anthony, being the defiant child that he is, changed his clothes at the last minute. Oh well. As he says (learned at school): "You get what you get and you don't get upset!"... a brown shirt and green John Deere cell phone it is! Maybe I'll get better pics next time. aka - this weekend! Hee Hee!

Anthony takes over the camera:
"Oops, I forgot your heads! Let me take one more.."

Carvin' Punkins:
Anthony went across the street to take pictures of me doing ALL the WORK!

All THREE of my pumpkins turned out pretty darn cute...

The above picture is a classic Anthony expression that means "I'm done"!

Pumpkin Patch Pasts:

October 2007:

October 2006 with Mia:

and 2005... Ok, so this isn't a pumpkin picture, but it was in October and I couldn't leave out his first year! He is 6 months old (one of my very favorite stages) here with Grammie.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Soccer Practice...

Mitch just started coaching his new soccer team this season... 7 Year Old Girls, with his friend Lauren! Lauren's daughter is on the team and they coached her older daughter's team together a couple of years ago. They had their first practice on Tuesday. Anthony and I tagged along to cheer them on... oh, and because Anthony thinks he is the assistant coach. It was a beautiful night and a great place to hang out. The girls will make a great team! We are excited for lots of practices and games! The park and weather are such a treat!

This is Anthony in full coaching mode... The spiderman gloves make him play and coach better... he begged the whole time we were there to put on his entire hot, bulky costume on, which he did when we went out for sushi after practice. He was a big hit at the restaurant.

The important aspects of coaching... this is where all of his soccer experience comes in handy:

He's a natural... he can't wait until he is 4 so he can be on a team!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Strawberryless Strawberry Patch

This was our second trip to the "Strawberry Patch" (last weekend). It is such a cool place! You walk into a little Mom & Pop market in the middle of a old strip mall and you go out the back door to this amazingly huge property full of gardens, animal, birds, picnic areas... that you would never know existed. It's like Alison's Wonderland (I think- although I don't actually remember the movie)! Again, there were no strawberries to pick (out of season), but we didn't mind. We enjoyed the sun and the shade and the extremely hot, but beautiful out doors. Mitch and Anthony reconnected with the parrots they fell in love with before. Anthony conned Mitch into a big cookie and some magnet rocks and I conned him into a heart shaped lucky bamboo. We are so spoiled! But we do appreciate it! Thanks love!