Monday, June 30, 2008

Taking my blog private...

Ok everyone, I am following the "in" crown, and giving in to peer pressure to make my blog private (you know, to avoid the "crazies"), which means, you can only view our blog if I add you to the "guest list". Don't worry, there isn't a dress code are secret password... in fact, it's not hard to get into this club at all! All you have to do is comment on this post with your e-mail address to let me know you want to added to the list. I hope you've enjoyed our stories and pictures so far! I'm going to get better at posting things, as this is much easier (and more fun) than sending lots of e-mails and attaching pictures.

Thank you all!
Have a great day!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Our Florida Summer Weekends

Anthony and Kyler in the pool... (actually the hot tub, it's just not hot).

Friends and neighbors...

A huge and bright green iguana right on my house!!!

A good running jump!

A not so good, but very funny nose dive! I wasn't even looking, but turned just in time!

Oh, ya! I'm getting some R & R too! I'm just happy that you can't tell from the picture that I have a good 1/4" thick layer of SPF50 on!

Anthony was doing a little yard work... and yep, there's Mitch getting his R & R reading the paper in his new lounge chair. I don't think he has nearly enough sun screen on!

Silly cute boys... probably playing space shuttle or rocket.

We do try to be a little productive and get in a little work out. We took the jogging stroller out on Sunday and Anthony insisted that he would run with us. He actually lasted a lot longer than I thought. He ran full speed for a couple of blocks... then he gets distracted by frogs or lizards or dogs, so we threw him in the stroller. He loves to mimic my stretching moves too, that's pretty funny, especially with his moaning sound effects!

And finally.... home for A NAP! I have no idea why he chose to go to sleep with the giraffe on his head. Don't worry, I checked to be sure he had an air-hole. I don't think he budged for 2 hours!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Anthony's new pearly grill!

A STORY WITH A MORAL that ends with 6 crowns:
My little sweetheart was so amazingly brave and completely calm throughout the entire process. I couldn't believe it! He was fine when we woke up, and said he needed to eat and brush his teeth for the dentist. We sat in the waiting room and he said hello to everyone (he was there only a few weeks ago for his first 2 crowns) The dentist came out and spoke with us and told Anthony and I what he was going to do. Anthony reminded him about the blanket (straight jacket) that he used last time, and actually suggest that they use it again to help him hold still. Then Anthony walked into the back hand in hand with him (no parents allowed) I sat in the waiting room sweating and biting my nails (although he was a complete angel the first time too... after the straight jacket that is). The girls in the office could see I was nervous so they did frequent checks only to tell me every time that he was absolutely fine and happy. They numbed, (yes with needles) ground, and crowned 3 front teeth and one molar with no "blankets" and no tears! Not even anything to hold his mouth open, he held it open for them the whole time! The dentist and nurses were very pleased and said he was the best patient! He came out with a big smile and a new toy, which he was much more concerned about than his teeth. He showed them to me and let me take a few pictures as long as I opened his toy. He ate fine and didn't complain once the whole day, or ever! In fact, he was a little confused when I kept asking him if they hurt... He would give me a strange look and say "You feel them and see if they hurt you" meaning put my finger in his mouth, like they would be sharp. It didn't even dawn on him that his mouth or gums should hurt.
That being said, it has been a bit of an adjustment to get used to his new smile... I was a little upset last week and even took him back to the dentist to see if he could fix them a little (yes, I know, I'm very vain when it comes to my beautiful boy). He did say one crown has a little flaw, and he would gladly fix it for free, but it would require starting over. So to spare my own nerves of putting Anthony through it again, he will have to live with grill he has. Here are a few "Before and After" shots:

Before above..... And after below.... (I'm sure that didn't require clarification)
Drum role please.....

So folks, the moral of this story is:
"Twizlers (and milk), DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT make a mouth happy!"
But apparently, $4000 worth of dental work does!
So, for Heaven's sake, go brush your children's teeth! (Which, just for the record, I have been religious about his entire 3 year life... making this story that more.... ummm.... coinsidental, I guess... no pun intended.
P.S. If anyone uses the word "Chiclet" in a comment regarding this post, there will be consequences!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Anthony's Cousin - "Baby Warner" aka "Baby Jack"

Petting Zoo at the Park

We had a nice BBQ at the park this weekend. It was thrown by the gym we belong to. It was in the 90's and very humid, but Anthony didn't seem to care. There was lots of kids and lots to do. We played frisbee, and at the playground, had lunch and visited the petting zoo they brought.

He loved being in the cage with all of the little animals and touching them. The little black pig in this picture dumped that whole bucket of water on Anthony's feet. And the goat, which thankfully had curled horns, rammed him and pushed him back a couple of feet. It was very funny! Again, he didn't really care, just laughed.

The bunny was cute and seemed to like Anthony. The chickens weren't so keen on him chasing them, but the women caught one for him to examine and pet.

Anthony always loves pony rides and even gave this one a drink of his own water because he looked so hot in the sun.

Oh, and by the way, nice purse Mitch!.... Ha Ha, just kidding babe! You are so sweet to carry it for me, it does weigh 20 pounds!

Alicia Keys Concert - May 2008

All I can say is... SHE ROCKS!!! What a great show!

Happy "Farter's" Day Everyone!

Anthony just wanted to drop his 2 cents about Father's Day....
I'm a little unsure as to whether Anthony is really creative, or just has a hearing problem. He can take anything I say and turn it into a completely different sentence... hmmm... perhaps I don't enunciate...., who knows! For instance if I say (and yes, this is a common one) "Anthony, get up here and brush your teeth!", he will laugh and say "What? Get a pear and brush my teeth?"
So, it only took a minute before "Happy Father's Day" turned into "Happy FARTER'S Day!", which he happily wished to everyone he saw!

We had a great day! We got up early and went to Mitch's to make breakfast. Then we swam in the pool for a while, then we went to Walmart and Mitch let him pick out a Space Shuttle, which they had been wanting for a while, and a few little outfits. Then we went to lunch at Too Jay's, where Anthony passed out on Mitch's shoulder. He slept in the car for a while, so we did a little car shopping. Then we went back to Mitch's to play in the pool and grill out. It was a very lovely day!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Stay Tuned! More Updates Coming....

(This is the real Anthony!)

Stay tuned... Utah pictures and stories coming soon... (hopefully tomorrow)!!
We had a great trip! Mitch survived Utah, and Utah survived Mitch! Whew! Anthony, sadly, didn't want to come home! And believe it or not, as exhausted as everyone was from chasing him around and following his direct orders and demanding requests, they said he was welcome to come back... next time for a shorter visit. Ha Ha Ha! He is very "intense" as my mom says. It requires a lot of energy just to be in the same room as he is in. But I'm sure these "difficult" traits will prove to make him a successful adult, so I will continue to look at the bright side of having a brilliant, rotten, demanding and inquisitive 3 year old.... Oh, and did I mention CUTE???!!!